VIC-WUR Routing Forcing File

VIC-WUR requires a NetCDF file with gridded forcings. Forcing timesteps can be each model timestep (STEP), each day (DAY) each month (MONTH), or each year (YEAR). The required forcing variables and units are listed below and must also be specified in the Global Parameter File. Each forcing variable is supplied to VIC-WUR in one or multiple NetCDF files.

Routing Forcings:

Variable Dimension Units Description
FORCING_DISCHARGE [time, lat, lon] m3/s Discharge inflow (from unknown source)

Environmental Flow Forcings:

Variable Dimension Units Description
EFR_DISCHARGE [time, lat, lon] m3/s Required environmental streamflow
EFR_BASEFLOW [time, lat, lon] mm Required environmental baseflow

Water-use Forcings:

Variable Dimension Units Description
MUN_DEMAND [time, lat, lon] mm Domestic water demand
MUN_GROUNDWATER [time, lat, lon] mm Domestic groundwater withdrawal fraction
MUN_CONSUMPTION [time, lat, lon] mm Domestic withdrawal consumption
LIV_DEMAND [time, lat, lon] mm Livestock water demand
LIV_GROUNDWATER [time, lat, lon] mm Livestock groundwater withdrawal fraction
LIV_CONSUMPTION [time, lat, lon] mm Livestock withdrawal consumption
MAN_DEMAND [time, lat, lon] mm Manufacturing water demand
MAN_GROUNDWATER [time, lat, lon] mm Manufacturing groundwater withdrawal fraction
MAN_CONSUMPTION [time, lat, lon] mm Manufacturing withdrawal consumption
ENE_DEMAND [time, lat, lon] mm Energy water demand
ENE_GROUNDWATER [time, lat, lon] mm Energy groundwater withdrawal fraction
ENE_CONSUMPTION [time, lat, lon] mm Energy withdrawal consumption
IRR_DEMAND [time, lat, lon] mm Irrigation water demand
IRR_GROUNDWATER [time, lat, lon] mm Irrigation groundwater withdrawal fraction
IRR_CONSUMPTION [time, lat, lon] mm Irrigation withdrawal consumption

Land-cover Forcings:

Variable Dimension Units Description
Cv [time, lat, lon] - Coverage fraction for each land-cover tile

Crop Forcings:

Variable Dimension Units Description
CO2 [time, lat, lon] ppm Atmospheric CO2 concentration
FERT_DVS [time, lat, lon] - Fertilizer development stage application timing
FERT_N [time, lat, lon] kg ha-1 Fertilizer nitrogen amount
FERT_P [time, lat, lon] mm Fertilizer phosphorus amount
FERT_K [time, lat, lon] mm Fertilizer potassium amount

The forcing data must be chunked by calendar year, with each NetCDF file named by the year, e.g. prefix.$