Model Constants and Miscellaneous Parameters

The VIC model requires the specification of many model parameters to run. While some parameters are spatially distributed (e.g. soil, vegetation, or snowbands), others are more appropriately held constant across the model domain.

Model Constants and Parameters

Some model constants and model parameters need to be changed more frequently. VIC-WUR supports this through the use of the optional CONSTANTS file. The path to this file should be specified in the global parameter file.

The table below lists the constants available for manipulation via the CONSTANTS file. Descriptions will be added later or as needed.

Constant Description Unit Default value
DAM_ALPHA Preferred dam maximum storage fraction fraction 0.85
DAM_BETA Dam correction exponent - 0.6
DAM_GAMMA Dam correction period days 5
Ksat_expt Paddy irrigation saturated conductivity exponent - 0.33
Wfc_fract Field capacity as fraction of critical moisture content fraction 0.8
NONRENEWABLE_LIMIT Non-renewable withdrawal limit (depth) mm Inf